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Sunday, May 1, 2011

APB - East Coast USA shows

APB is heading to the East Coast in August!
During the '80s, one of the most popular underground alternative bands to make a splash in the New York Tri-State area was, surprisingly, not a local band. In fact, APB hailed from across the pond in Scotland. While most alternative bands of the '80s used chiming guitars and/or icy synths to get their points across, APBwere an anomaly, as it was funk bass that led the charge (quite comparable to Gang of Four -- minus the political lyrics). In fact, their early work served as a blueprint for what the Red Hot Chili Peppers would follow on their first few releases. Formed in Aberdeen, Scotland, APB were comprised of singer/bassist Iain Slater, guitarist Glenn Roberts, and drummer George Cheyne, with a pair of percussionists added over the years (Nick Jones from 1982-1983 and Mikey Craighead taking Jones' spot from 1984-1989). 

The group initially caused a buzz in Europe, which lead to several sessions for BBC Radio 1 between 1981 and 1984 (the John PeelSession twice, and the David Jensen Session and Peter Powell Sessiononce apiece). Several singles were issued as well, which served as the basis for APB's debut full-length, Something to Believe In, in 1985. New York radio soon embraced these singles (namely "Palace Filled with Love," "Rainy Day," "One Day," "What Kind of Girl?," and especially the infectious "Shoot You Down"), which led to several U.S. tours -- including spots over the years opening for both the Clash andJames Brown. Additionally, APB headlined their own New York gigs (including a performance at the famous venue the Ritz). 

In 1986 a sophomore effort, Cure for the Blues, was released, as well as a four-song EP, Missing You Already, later that same year. The group would continue to perform sporadically for the remainder of the '80s, but would not issue any more new recordings. Interest inAPB increased by the early 21st century, thanks to the emergence of countless new wave revival acts, which led to a double-disc reissue of their debut in 2005, Something to Believe In: 20th Anniversary Edition, as well as a compilation of their early radio sessions, The Radio 1 Sessions, a year later.  (Greg Prato - All Music)


  1. Don't forget the gig down the shore in Long Branch on the 18th... i think!!

  2. The Brighton Bar show has not been confirmed...soon as it the details are announced I will add that show. :-)