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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Country Tour and CD Reissue - The Crossing.

With The Crossing an international best seller, it sold over 2 million copies in the UK, spawning 2 Top Ten hits and spending 84 consecutive weeks on the Music Week album chart, Big Country’s tour will coincide with Universal Music’s deluxe re-issue of the album on January 30th, 2012, which is expected to include a wealth of previously unreleased recordings and footage of the band

Today Big Country (with new front man Mike Peters of The Alarm) announced its upcoming 2CD “deluxe edition” reissue of its 1983 debut album The Crossing on Jan. 30 in the U.K. and will be supplemented with seven B-sides and a second disc featuring 17 demos, 10 which are previously unreleased.

Big Country, who formed in November 1981, will kick-off their 30th anniversary celebrations by performing their classic 1983 debut album The Crossing live in its entirety during a thirteen-date tour of the U.K. in February 2012.

Tracklist: Big Country, The Crossing: Deluxe Edition
Original Album: 1. “In A Big Country” 2. “Inwards” 3. “Chance” 4. “1000 Stars” 5. “The Storm” 6. “Harvest Home” 7. “Lost Patrol” 8. “Close Action” 9. “Fields Of Fire” 10. “Porrohman”
11. “Balcony” (B-side to ‘Harvest Home’) 12. “Flag Of Nation (Swimming)” (B-side to ‘Harvest Home’) 13. “Angle Park” (B-side to ‘Fields Of Fire’)  14. “All Of Us” (B-side to ‘In A Big Country’)  15. “Heart And Soul” (B-side to ‘In A Big Country’)  16. “The Crossing” (B-side to ‘Chance’)  17. “Tracks of My Tears” (Live) (B-side to ‘Chance’)
Demos: 1. “Angle Park” (4 Track Demos 1981) * 2. “Harvest Home” (4 Track Demos 1981) * 3. “We Could Laugh” (4 Track Demos 1981) * 4. “In A Big Country” (Demo) (Rarities IV CD)  5. “The Storm” (Demo) (Rarities IV CD)  6. “Big City” (Demo) (Rarities IV CD)  7. “Fields of Fire” (Riverside BBC TV) * 8. “Lost Patrol” (Demo) (Phonogram Studios) * 9. “Inwards” (Demo) (Phonogram Studios) * 10. “Thousand Stars” (Chris Thomas) * 11. “Close Action” (Chris Thomas) * 12. “Lost Patrol” (Chris Thomas) * 13. “Inwards” (Chris Thomas) * 14. “Fields of Fire” (Demo) (Rarities IV)  15. “Ring Out” (Demo) (Rarities IV)  16. “Thousand Stars” (Demo) (Rarities IV)  17. “Chance” (Demo) (Rarities IV)
*Previously unreleased

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