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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music Releases at CD Baby...

You may have missed these releases at CD Baby!

Cowboys and Indians by Cowboy Mouth (NYC)

The Index Masters by Stan Ridgway and Wall Of Voodoo

Call Of The West by Stan Ridgway and Wall Of Voodoo

And... in the Beginning by Big Country

Collected Works by Blotto

The Evening Bell by B! Machine

Aftermath by B! Machine

Alternates and Remixes by B! Machine

Birds Of A Feather by Rough Trade

Jet Boy Jet Girl by Elton Motello

ADDX Chapter 1 - A Different Drum's 10th Anniversary

Nova Heart EP 30th Anniversary by Spoons

Talk Back by Spoons

Arias & Symphonies 30th Anniversary by Spoons

The Cut of Memory by Broken Toys

The Prime Movers by The Prime Movers

Anthology One by The Kings

Volume 1 by The Best Of Ready Records (1979-1985)

Volume 2 by The Best Of Ready Records (1979-1985)

Unstoppable by The Kings

Listen to the ground by Editors(US)

Captured In Ice by 17 Pygmies

Jedda By the Sea by 17 Pygmies

Bas Relief by Eleven Pond

Flogging a Dead Horse by Maurice and the Cliches

Hotel for Women by The Nails

Mood Swing by The Nails

Dangerous Dreams by The Nails

Retrospective: 1982-84 by System 56

The Washington Squares by The Washington Squares

Matter of Time by The 5 O'Clocks

Monkeyin' Around by Six Billion Monkeys

Synthetic Bliss by Tokyo Vogue

Dream Arcade by The Railway Children

Gentle Sound by The Railway Children

Reunion Wilderness by The Railway Children

Cannibal Dolls/Seven Men (With Bonus Track) by Land of Giants

SHOES Best by Shoes

Runnin' Alone by The Windows

1999 by Split Mirrors

From The Beginning by Split Mirrors

Back Issue, Vol. 1 by Techniques Berlin

Back Issue Volume 2 by Techniques Berlin

The Speed of Light by X-Sonic

New Naked Technology 2010 Remasters by Pink Industry

Tha's Right by Nu Shooz

Delicate by Martha and the Muffins

Modern Lullaby by Martha and the Muffins

Danseparc by Martha and the Muffins

The Working Model by Boytronic

Bachelor Party Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Various Artists

Revisited by Cowboys International

Recovered 1993-1995 by Anything Box

Nineteen by Anything Box

Worth by Anything Box

Future Past EP by Anything Box

Hope by Anything Box

4 Out Of 5 Doctors - Reconstructed by 4 Out Of 5 Doctors

Post Op by 4 out of 5 Doctors

The Good Life by Vivabeat

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