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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Scary Thieves - Halloween Released on CD

The lost gem from the early 80’s, a glittering synth’ rock nugget restored from the original EMI Records master tapes; 16 tracks, full 70 mins of music; incl’ the ’lost’ album, ALL the singles, AND remixes. Heavyweights of the era. Limited Edition CD only

The Scary Thieves name is synonymous with ’synthesiser legend’, one of the most pioneering albums of the early eighties; CP, Youdell, and the boys struggled with cutting edge PP2 Wave, brand new Simmons technology, and a host of other ’analogue’ nightmares. They, with the assistance of Japan producer Steve Nye crafted this little pop masterpiece, which, apart from a number of ‘bootlegs’ over the years, remained un-released, until Furry Records took the bull-by-the-horns, dusted down the original EMI/Parlophone masters and put out this little baby of a CD. 16 tracks; un-released album, singles, re-mixes, in one hot Eco-package.

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