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Monday, April 2, 2012

Thomas Dolby “Time Capsule Tour”

The tour fuses the future and the past with electro-pop present. Thomas Dolby is on the verge of a resurgence. Think steampunk, “Waterworld,” H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

Dolby recently released his first new album in more than 20 years, “A Map of the Floating City” be sure to take a listen, once you hear "Spice Train" and "Evil Twin Brother" you will be clicking that purchase button.

I caught the show at a small venue in Ridgefield CT, a yuppy town with lots of money. 

Dolby was spot on brilliant, a pure electronic genius, 
fantastic story teller, funny and timeless.

While I think the audience was like a limp noodle, towards the end Dolby said "come on, get on your feet". If this show had been at the FTC in Fairfield, CT (closer to NY and New Haven), it would have been a sold out show, two nights, with people on their feet dancing from the start.

It wouldn't be Dolby without a catchy theme to the tour...and this one wins the prize! 

"The Time Capsule"

“The Time Capsule is a chrome- and brass- plated road trailer that seats three. With handcrafted leather and wood fittings, and complex electrical wiring that could have been designed by Nikola Tesla, it resembles a Jules Verne & HG Wells-inspired time-travel machine. Inside is a high-tech video recording suite that allows a music fan or guest artist to upload a personal video message to the Future.”

Yes, I did crawl into (and crawled back out) of the tiny capsule and left a message to the future, in true DJ Wave stye my message was to remember the best genre of music, the 80's, and especially Thomas Dolby!

Do not miss this show if you are near one of the tour stops in April and May.

Having been a long time fan starting with The Fallout Club, then hitting it big during the 80's with "She Blinded Me With Science" & "Hyperactive" that is where most people only know those two songs. Any real 80's music collector knows "The Flat Earth", "Field Work", "I Love You Goodbye", "Airwaves", "Windpower", "One of Our Submarines" and many more.

The show sparked me to research Dolby's other collaborations and connections, then the lightbulb went off...It's time for another...

Relative Connection: Thomas Dolby!

I will be seeking Dolby's permission, so it may be a few months before it is complete. 
Stay Tuned.

Here are photos from the show. Dolby will be artist of the month in the video area. Enjoy! 

Commercial Breakup, One of Our Submarines, The Flat Earth, Evil Twin Brother,  Love is a Loaded Pistol, My Brain Is Like a Sieve, Road to Reno, The Toad Lickers, I Love You Goodbye, Field Work, Europa and the Pirate Twins, Airhead, Hyperactive, She Blinded Me With Science
Spice Train & Silk Pyjamas 

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  1. Pretty sweet! I discovered TD in 94 way after he had his big hits (I'm a 70's child I just never was exposed to him in the 80's). Tracked down all his stuff since then. Always nice to meet another fan.

    Blog's awesome. Keep it up!!