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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Release: Peter Godwin "Disguise"

May 1st the new Peter Godwin single 
"Disguise" is released digitally on my Zenda Records label.
You can get it from any of these online stores:
iTunes, OVI, Napster, RealNetworks, 24/7 Musicshop,
Musiwave (Zune/Orange), eMusic, Music Net / Medianet, 
Rhapsody, VidZone, Amazon.com7Digital, Spotify,

Please show Peter your support by purchasing this new single.
Peter will release more material in the future.


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Peter is always a hugely classy singer and this new track is epic. I just found out about this on and immediately bought it on iTunes. Johnson Somerset is a great writing partner for Peter and not surprisingly, this has an ethereal Bryan Ferry feel to it, though Peter is his own singer. He always sounds fantastic! It's wonderful to have new music so quickly following the Neuvo project. The trickle of music post-1983 has been tough to endure as a Godwin fan, so here's hoping he'll release more music, and soon.

  2. PostPunkMonk, Thanks...I will pass this along to Peter! :-)